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First, I’d like to mention that I’ll be attending GenCon this week in Indianapolis Tuesday thru Saturday, hence the early posting of my blog. As a last-minute reminder, I’d also like to mention that print copies of the books Haunted: Eleven Tales of Ghostly Horror and Sidekicks!, both of which include stories of mine, will both be available for sale at GenCon, at the Green Ronin Publishing booth (#1703). Haunted will also be for sale at the Drive Thru RPG/White Wolf booth (#1201). See you there!

Second, I want to point out that National Buy A Book Day is September 7. The foundation behind this worthy effort is soliciting donations to be able to afford full non-profit status. If you’d care to float them a few bucks (I gave them $5), paste this link into your browser and have a look:http://www.buyabookday.org/donate.html

Books I love: A Hunger Like Fire

Having only recently enjoyed White Wolf Publishing’s World of Darkness Universe, I must admit I’ve been drawn in hook, line, and sinker. One of the things responsible (partly, at least) for this obsession of mine is the novel A Hunger Like Fire by Greg Stolze.

A Hunger Like Fire concerns vampires; specifically, the vampires in Chicago according to WoD cannon. They are predators and monsters to be sure, but some portion of their humanity remains, and much of the book – indeed, much of White Wolf’s entire Vampire setting – is concerned with the vampires’ efforts to maintain at least some portion of their humanity. The more monstrous they become, the more likely they are to feed without caution, without discretion, thereby revealing to humanity exactly what it is that lives among us. Vampires know too well that while they feed on humans, humans are also their most dangerous enemies, and so one of their unshakable laws is to maintain the “Masquerade”, the artful deception that vampires don’t exist.

The story begins with a working class slob named Bruce Miner who wakes up wrapped in a plastic dropcloth, assuming he went on a bender last night despite the lack of a hangover. The truth is far more frightening, and Bruce Miner must now come to terms with the fact that he has changed. He now craves blood, and after an unfortunate incident, realizes he must cut ties with his living family or put them at risk – from those who would use them to get to Bruce, and even to protect them from Bruce himself.

A Hunger Like Fire masterfully wraps the tale of Bruce Miner around the interwoven stories of a number of Chicago’s Kindred. From the band of near-outcast vampires who take Bruce and and teach him what he needs to know, to the seductive Persephone Moore, to the head vampire, the Prince of the city of Chicago, Maxwell Clarke. The action is fast-paced and exciting, the personal dramas are intriguing, and the personalities themselves have an irresistible draw, a pull that lures the reader in and doesn’t let go until the sad realization that there are no more pages left unread.

If you enjoy horror fiction, tales about vampires or just plain good writing, I urge you to track down a copy of A Hunger Like Fire. Game stores should be able to find it through their distributors, but if not, the ebook version can be found on any number of online sites including Drive Thru Fiction . Be sure to let me know what you think after you’re done reading it!

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