Pre-Con Panic!

I leave for Indianapolis and GenCon next week, and between planning the schedule for booth staffing, arranging for a rental van to haul all the stuff, and a few desperate Pokemon Go adventures, life has been hectic!

I will be working the Onyx Path booth at the show, and except for breaks, will be in the booth from open to close (roughly 10a-6p) all four days. My evenings are my own for the most part. I will be attending the Diana Jones Award party at the Cadillac Ranch on South Meridian Street on Wednesday night. Just prior, I hope to also attend the Indie Game Developers Network dinner and meet-up, previously held at Loughmiller’s bar on West Washington Street. Pity both things have to land on the same night, but big events are like that: there’s so much to see and do that you can’t help having an interest in two or more things competing for the same time slot.

If anybody wants to get together at the show, drop me a line: email, text, or a phone call will all work. There’s plenty of places to eat in downtown Indianapolis, but everything will be more crowded than usual because this is GenCon’s 50th Anniversary, and the convention is nearly sold out of attending badges. Hard to believe, I know, but there’s a limit to what the overall facilities can accommodate, so they have to establish that number and stick to it, lest the fire marshall shut the whole event down for being unsafe — imagine what a disaster THAT would be!

Looking forward to GenCon 50, the best four days in gaming!

2 thoughts on “Pre-Con Panic!

  1. Have fun! Should be awesome (and awesomely crowded) this year. I haven’t been since they moved to Indiana – just too many parts to coordinate given family stuff, but Steve goes. Hope you have a great time!

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