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With barely a week in between conventions, I have to make this late post short and sweet: I will be attending GeekKon this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin, appearing as a local guest and participating in panel discussions. Due to unforeseen circumstances, part of the schedule is in flux right now: a number of panels may be folded into other panels to avoid duplication, so keep your eyes on the updated, at-con schedule if you’re trying specifically to find me.

GenCon was exciting and busy as usual. I spent most of my days working the Onyx Path booth, and my evenings were usually spent hobnobbing and eating, or eating and drinking, or drinking and hobnobbing. I caught a phenomenal number and variety of Pokemon — including several new ones for me — while playing Pokemon Go while wandering around in downtown Indianapolis, and ran into many, many others doing the same. I don’t know for sure if I’ll attend GenCon next year: signs point to no, but things change, and the Onyx Path folks seem happy to have my help in the booth. If they want me back again next year, that will be a strong incentive to go.

My birthday is coming up next month. The last couple of years have seen it go largely unmarked, even by me, and this year I’d like to change that, and do something a little special. More about that later. For now, I will sign off; I have much to do before GeekKon officially starts in less than 24 hours. Cheers!

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