What Do You Want To Read?

I’ve been trying to provide a good mix of content for people to read here on my blog, but after more than four years of weekly posts, I’m running out of ideas again. So I’d like to offer up some choices of subjects for future posts and have my readers vote on them. Please make your choices and put them in a comment. (I searched for something easier, but was unable to find a simple piece of software I could plug into my blog that would handle surveys with voting buttons. Sorry!)

Would you like to read more (Please choose only TWO):
Trip/convention reports
Work stories (retail)
Recommendations – books
Recommendations – film/TV
Recommendations – games
Original fiction excerpts
Political/social commentary
Baseball stuff
Personal history/life story pieces
Other (Please specify)

Also, if you have a specific angle on a topic that you’d like to see me cover, please specify that, too.

Note that comments don’t go live until I approve them, so if you want your comments/requests to be confidential, just say so.

I have noticed that gaming and baseball articles draw the least amount of traffic. Unless they tie in with something of more general interest — or unless they receive overwhelming support in the voting — I’m going to keep those types of posts to a minimum.

Thanks for reading my blog!
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One thought on “What Do You Want To Read?

  1. My vote:

    Other – Recommendations by Genre/type.
    – recommended reading/viewing/gaming relating to steampunk, the same for horror/cthulhu or other genres. Why said thing is a good representation of its genre in your opinion.
    – reading/viewing/gaming that has inspired you recently as a writer.
    Original fiction excerpts

    P.S. I have found that my opinions most often do not fall in line with a general audience, especially when on the internet, so feel free to disregard.

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