Kitten Update

We’ve had these kittens – Mina and Monty – for just over three months. Despite a few unfortunate incidents (more on those later), they have settled in nicely and made themselves a part of our home.

Monty has become the house love-bug. If we’re sitting on the couch watching TV, he walks up on our chests, giving us a head-bump or slide-by with his face. Mina is only a little less personable: she loves to play, and will bring us a toy to throw when she wants some action.

Since they’re only 9 months old, they still love to play, and have TONS of energy. They chase each other back and forth, sounding like a herd of elephants rampaging through the house. Luckily, they mostly do this during the day and evening, and for the most part have been kind enough to not wake us in the middle of the night with their antics. They are growing fast, and are substantially larger and heavier then when we first brought them home. Monty continues to be the more moderate eater: Mina, who we suspect was the runt of the litter, is always desperate for food, and dives right in whenever fresh food is added to their bowls. Both seem to be tempering their appetites as they grow older: the last couple of weeks has seen them not eat every scrap of dry food for hours at a time.

Monty, alert for playtime.

Incidents: Well, there was that one with Mina in late September, where she nearly took out my left eye accidentally when she fell off the headboard and almost landed on my face, claws first. It’s healed beautifully (you almost can’t tell it’s even there!), and I swear the kittens have learned, from our pained reactions, to moderate their use of claws while playing. They do forget themselves sometimes, so we still need to be cautious. They’re also sadly fond of chewing electrical cords: we’ve lost several already. T found this padded stuff with velcro that you buy by the foot, and it’s worked great to keep the little devils from electrocuting themselves and for preserving our sanity — for a while longer, at least.


Both are affectionate kittens. Monty’s purr is soft and subtle, usually. There’s nothing subtle about Mina’s purr: it’s loud and full force, and she’s not stingy about using it. Both kitties seem to be happy in their new home, and I’m clearly the favorite – much to T’s chagrin, I suspect: they follow me around the house, and wait outside the door of those few rooms they are not allowed to enter. T is far and away the favorite lap, however, of which I’m a bit envious, but she sits still better and for longer than I do, so I get it. Neither is fond of being picked up, but they tolerate it. Mina lets me know when she’s had enough by very gently resting her teeth on my arm or hand. Monty’s signal is that he starts to get squirmy.

Both Mina (above) and Monty LOVE belly rubs…

Both Mina and Monty have added so much to our lives. They are clearly happy, and their first vet visit charmed the entire vet staff as they climbed around, jumping and exploring the exam room, and behaving very well for their check-ups. We’re looking forward to many more years with these two little clowns.

Mina and Monty, in a rare moment of not moving

From our family to yours, happy holidays! Wishing us all the best for the coming New Year.

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