Overcome By Greed

Protests have been in the news – protests by people demanding that the Stay-At-Home orders be lifted. Interestingly, these protests seem sponsored by big money; many of the protesters have been traveling the protest circuit, railing against state governments that don’t ally themselves with our Cheetoh Dictator in Washington. Most of these protests have also featured yokels walking around with military-grade automatic weapons slung across their chests. The message is clear: Do what we want or we’ll kill you. Death threats against Michigan’s Governor have become a matter of public record.

I weep for the future. I am horrified by the radical right’s take-over of the Republican Party, sponsored in no small part by Evangelical “Christians”, particularly those who believe the rapture is imminent, and so are willing to do anything to speed up the program, including sacrificing everyone else.

With all these protests – where most of the protesters are deliberately refusing to follow pandemic safety guidelines – I expect to see a huge spike in COVID-19 cases, and that expectation is beginning to come true. Sadly, those morons will be infecting dozens – possibly hundreds – of other people along the way, some of whom don’t deserve it. Because of all the Stay-At-Home orders being rescinded, and businesses opening up once again, we WILL see a massive spike in cases nationwide, and many hospitals WILL be overwhelmed. Rural areas will be hit hardest: those with fewer medical resources to rely on will likely see a higher death toll than medium-sized cities with hospitals. And who will they blame for this? The opposition party, of course, because by advocating a sensible approach, THEY are the ones who brought all this doom down upon us.

The cult-like nature of the radical right in the United States is determined to bring about the apocalypse, come hell or high water. And yet, there is hope, small, fragile, but still, hope. Acts of kindness are not completely forgotten, as people give what they can in these difficult times to help others in need.

I spend a lot of my free time walking. Mostly I’m playing Pokemon Go!, in part to distract myself from a world on fire. While out walking in a local nature preserve, I came upon a portion I hadn’t visited before. Ahead of me, I saw this fragment of a stone wall:

The stone small nestled in an cavity was painted a bright, metallic blue-green. I was surprised to see it, and picked it up. This is what I saw on the back:

Someone’s silly art project, left in a random, seldom-visited spot, open to the elements and clearly meant to be found. It gave me pause: pause from my rage and hatred and wishing for some sort of divine justice to be visited upon those greedy souls for whom money means far more than human life. My heart may not have grown three sizes that day, but it gave me hope with the knowledge that there are still good people in the world, people who seek to inspire others with a positive message. After photographing the stone, I returned it to it’s original place and position for someone else to find and appreciate.

Hope. In times like these, it may be the only thing that keeps us going.

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