Nothing I can write about here will be better or more eloquent than what has already been said. In fact, I’ve been wondering these last few weeks why adding my two cent’s worth would possible matter to anyone. Here’s what I’ve learned: when people of privilege (such as me) don’t speak up, change rarely happens. Maybe my voice isn’t very loud, but combined with other voices, it’s enough to cause an avalanche.

Like the numerous white people looting and pillaging and creating chaos — and make no mistake, the footage I’ve seen is almost exclusively white people causing the damage — white supremacist shit-heels are taking advantage of the situation to be agents provocateurs, hoping that the damage they do will kick-off the long hoped-for race war that will allow them (in their dreams) to kill people of color indiscriminately. So far, the police — with very few exceptions — seem eager to go along with that plan.

So what’s important, here? Is it simply wasting my time to keep calling and writing emails to my totally unresponsive (Republican) US Senator?


WE must keep calling, keep writing those emails and letters. The more we inundate those who oppose true justice, the more afraid they’ll be, knowing that WE aren’t going away, and that WE WILL make their lives difficult. WE WILL hold them accountable for their crimes. WE WILL VOTE, and WE WILL REFUSE to be denied our right to vote.

Don’t give up. Keep fighting. Together. Register NOW to vote absentee in your district, and fill out and return the ballot when it arrives.

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