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I typically don’t go in for New Year’s resolutions. It can be overly restrictive, particularly when things change – as they are wont to do in this day and age – and sometimes it can set a person up to fail by making sweeping declarations of all the things they intend to accomplish in the coming year.

In spite of all this I’ve made a resolution for 2023: I intend to blog more often.

Previously, I made it a point – one that I was quite proud of, I’ll admit – that I blogged nearly once a week for more than two years. Then the pandemic hit, and I wondered what I could possibly have to offer people in light of the world being on fire. I finally realized what I have to offer: distraction, and -hopefully- entertainment. Both are things everyone needs from time to time, and if my humble blog meets that need for you, I’m deeply grateful to have provided it. So while I may not blog every week, I fully intend to blog at least once a month. There are several conventions coming up that I plan to attend, and convention/travel reports are a staple of this blog, so I’ve already got some blog post ideas queued up. There are also several projects I’ve been involved with recently that I’d like to tell people about, so expect to hear some of that too. That became the most challenging part for me of keeping a regular blog going – coming up with new ideas for posts every week.

Here’s a preview of what’s coming up: First I have to tell you about new anthologies in which stories of mine were published. There were four (!!!) of them last year, and I think I only covered the first two in previous posts, so I have some ground to make up.

Second, travel. I’ll be taking the train to Wild Wild West Con in Tucson in March, and plan to spend some additional time in Arizona with friends. I fully intend to sneak in some birdwatching while in the area. There’s an awful lot of tropical and sub-tropical birds that can be found near the Mexican border, and I’m hoping to spot a few! Also on the docket: I plan to attend at least one spring training Major-League Baseball game while I’m in the Phoenix area. It’s been on my bucket list for years, so I’m not letting this opportunity slip away. This trip alone may provide me with enough blogging material for a whole year’s worth of posts! I plan on taking lots of photos, and hope to avoid wilting in the Arizona heat…

In April, T and I will be going to the Windy City for the Chicago Steampunk Exposition. The theme is “Fae at the World’s Fair”, and frankly, I’m struggling to come up with even one costume idea that A) I like, and B) I’d be willing to walk around in all day. Stay tuned…

I hope you’ll join me for the coming year as I catalog the wacky trials and tribulations that make up a year in the life. Keep the popcorn handy – just in case.

*Illustration of Bill Blyden is copyright by John Kovalic. Used with permission.

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  1. I feel your pain. I’m struggling to figure out if I have anything to say, as well. I’ve got two nearly-finished first-draft books I’m working on, and I can’t seem to force myself to cross the finish line on either of them.

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