Sidekicks: We know them, and we ignore them. They sit courtside, they wait in the shadows, they ride on the coattails. They have nothing to offer.

Or do they?

Heroes and heroines perform world shaking deeds, but sidekicks? Sidekicks are the unseen glue holding those powerhouses together. They are the backbones. They are the voices of reason.

It’s long past time for them to shine.

Here, the fangirls, the trusted associates, the loyal assistants, and the imperiled wards have their moment in the spotlight. Join them as they shake up the world in unexpected and understated ways.

Let the heroes sit this one out. Celebrate the Sidekick!

My story in Sidekicks! is titled “In the Shadow of His Glory”. This excellent anthology is no longer available from the publisher. I do have a number of print copies available for the low, low price of $15 + shipping. Drop me a line at bill (dot) bodden (at) gmail(dot) com to inquire.