Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Career Compendium

Heroes rise from all walks of life in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. From the lowly peasant or meagre rat catcher to the wealthy noble or questing knight, fate might snare anyone in its fickle web. The Career Compendium is designed as the ultimate, comprehensive career reference for both players and Game Masters, and explores the many different paths heroes may take during their adventures. The Career Compendium includes the following:

• More than 220 official careers spanning the entire breadth of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay line.

• Eight brand new careers, including the Dilettante, Farmer, and Rapscallion.

• Expanded, full-page career entries, providing new insights and details for players and Game Masters alike.

• Hundreds of new adventure seeds and plot hooks to enhance your campaign.

• Updates, official errata, and clarifications for previously published careers.

The Career Compendium is an invaluable resource for anyone who plays Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Now you can capture the rich, vibrant life of the Old World through the eyes of your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay characters.

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