My Convention Schedule: 2015

I will be attending a number of events and conventions this year, mostly within driving distance of home. This list may change as events are added, and in case of cancellations due to schedule conflicts, illness, or the zombie apocalypse. Check back to catch any updates.

January 31- February 8 – JoCo Cruise Departs from Ft. Lauderdale
A cruise within a cruise hosted by musician Jonathan Coulton, the JoCo cruise travels around the Caribbean while the subset of passengers attending specifically for the JoCo part — called “Sea Monkeys” — enjoy geeky music, comedians, and an extensive gaming suite, all exclusive to the Sea Monkeys alone, and all for the same price as everyone else on the boat. This will be our winter get-away trip this year. Not really a convention, but close enough.

March 6-8 Geneva Steam Con Lake Geneva, WI
Guests: None.
I’ll be there getting my steam on! No plans to appear on panels at this event.

April 10-12 – Odyssey Con Madison, WI
Guests: Heather Brewer, Jonathan Maberry, Matt Forbeck.
This year I’m helping to organize programming from the gaming side. My own panel appearances TBD.

May 29-31 Cog County Faire Montello, WI
Guests: None.
A small, local Steampunk event at a resort on a lake in central Wisconsin. Wisconsin in May + Steampunk — what could be better?
No plans to appear on panels at this event.

July 2-5 CONvergence Bloomington, MN
Guests: Too extensive to list here; check out the link above.
CONvergence, has held some attraction for me for years. Happy to be heading back to the Twin Cities convention scene after more than two decades away.
Panel appearances TBD.

August 21-23 GeekKon Madison, WI
Guests: Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, Greg Weisman.
I’ve been one of the regular local guests at GeekKon for several years, and plan to attend again this year barring acts of God.
Panel appearances TBD.

November 20-22 TeslaCon 6 Madison, WI
Guests: None.
I’ve attended Steampunk immersion event TeslaCon every year of it’s existence, and I don’t plan to stop now!
No plans to appear on panels at Teslacon.

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