My Convention Schedule 2017

2017 is shaping up to be another busy year for me for convention travel. My convention schedule is subject to change — sometimes without much notice.

January 12-15 — Midwinter Gaming Convention
I’ll be doing a guest spot as an NPC in Matt McElroy’s Pentex Corporate Retreat LARP on Friday afternoon. It’s my first time LARPing, so I’m a little nervous about pulling it off properly. For the rest of the time I’ll be working the Onyx Path booth during the day, and goofing off in various ways at night.

March 10-12 — Geneva Steam
I’ll be attending Geneva Steam again this year. It’s a fun steampunk event in Delavan, Wisconsin.
I will be involved in two panels at this event on Saturday March 11:
Hot Glue Gun Bar (Make-and-take Victorian hat/hair decorations) — 3 PM
Author Q & A – I will interview five local authors about their work, the Steampunk community, and more. — 4 PM

June 2-4 Cog County Faire
A combination carnival and music venue at a rustic but charming resort in central Wisconsin. Relaxing and filled with Steampunks, this has become one of my favorite events of the year. Shopping, playing carnival games, eating, drinking, and listening to music are the ways to occupy one’s time. Also, they make a mean smoked prime rib at Scharenberg’s White Lake Beach Resort; I hope they have it available again this year.

July 14-16 Motor City Steam Con
I had a great time last year, and look forward to returning this year to the same great event at a different venue. Lots of guests, music, and sponsorships by a local distillery and local brewery don’t hurt, either.

August 17-20 — Gen Con
The grand-daddy of all gaming conventions, GenCon is one of those events that I find hard to resist, though it’s often only really useful for networking. This will also be GenCon’s 50th anniversary, so doubtless a lot of special things are planned. As last year, I will be working at the Onyx Path booth during the day.

August 25-27 — Geek-Kon
One of my favorite cons of the year, Geek-Kon has had me as a local guest for a number of years now. Even if I don’t make the guest roster in 2017, I would still go. Besides being one of the best Anime-oriented events around, the Geek_Kon staff has spent a great deal of time and effort trying to draw in writers, artists and vendors from other sci-fi disciplines.

November 2-5 — TeslaCon
Perhaps my favorite event of the year, TeslaCon is an immersive steampunk event held every year in Madison, Wisconsin. I might be involved with programming.

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