Being A Writer Can Be Discouraging

When you write for a living (or part of a living), it’s difficult not to get discouraged. Take me, for example. I’m regularly disappointed to learn of fantastic anthologies coming out — books I would give me eye teeth to be a part of — but I only hear about them AFTER they’ve selected all […]

Guest Blog: LaShawn Wanak

I first met LaShawn at Odyssey Con in Madison, Wisconsin a few years ago, and am continually amazed at her fearlessness and the strength of her convictions. We both submitted stories to Dark Faith: Invocations; mine didn’t make the cut, but hers did, and I encourage you to read it. *** Novel Evolution IGNITE (or […]

Guest Blog Post: Steve Lickman

Available at What is Metastasis? me•tas•ta•sis :noun, plural me•tas•ta•ses 1. Pathology . a. the transference of disease-producing organisms or of malignant or cancerous cells to otherparts of the body by way of the blood or lymphatic vessels or membranous surfaces. b. the condition produced by this. 2. Transformation – Random House Dictionary Are you […]