Fighting Burnout and Rejection

My colleague Owen KC Stephens has a great blog post that just went up about burnout. Here’s the LINK. In it, he is specifically referencing burnout in the RPG industry, but I think it very easily applies to any job out there. I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot recently, so his post inspired […]

Keeping Body And Soul Together

Times are tough; we see it every day. The number of homeless people is increasing, and the percentage of children who go hungry is at an alarming level. One of the most common ways people in the United States deal with hunger is to hold food drives to round up non-perishable goods to help feed […]

I’m a Convention Guest!

Along with a TON of talented people, I’ll be a guest at Geek-Kon this year in Madison, Wisconsin, August 22-24. Besides speaking on a number of panels, I will also be refereeing a Zombie Dice tournament as part of the “Game With The Guests” event on Friday night of the con. The tournament is simple. […]

Guest Blog Post: Steve Lickman

Available at What is Metastasis? me•tas•ta•sis :noun, plural me•tas•ta•ses 1. Pathology . a. the transference of disease-producing organisms or of malignant or cancerous cells to otherparts of the body by way of the blood or lymphatic vessels or membranous surfaces. b. the condition produced by this. 2. Transformation – Random House Dictionary Are you […]