Take the Good With the Bad

So this post is going up later than usual because I’ve been pretty down lately, and two things contributed to that more than anything right now. First, I got another rejection letter. Short and to the point, it brought to the fore all the self-doubt and depression I could possibly want. It was an anthology I was really hoping to get into, and I came up short yet again. To top things off, someone broke into our storage locker.

The locker was really the least of our worries. On examining the damage, I honestly couldn’t remember all the things we’d put in there – the hallmark of having more stuff than you need. The one thing we were both worried about – our relatively new camping tent – had been rifled through but left behind. The lock was totally removed and the door latch completely undamaged, leading me to believe the padlock just plain failed, which wouldn’t surprise me. The lock was more than a decade old, and had probably spent one too many winters with snow melting down into it’s inner workings, only to freeze again and stress the mechanism when it got cold overnight. So as bad things go, this was really, really minor. But when added to the rejection and a couple of other things, it made for a really crappy week.

This blog is mostly about me, but despite feeling like a poseur as a fiction writer most of the time, I try to remain upbeat. Upbeat just isn’t happening much this week, so I decided not to inflict my grumpiness on everyone else.

The one bright spot this week was definitely a “feeling wanted” kind of experience. An RPG firm was apparently so happy with my previous, recent work they want me to be lead writer on another project in the same product line. Good news, and a little money in the pipeline, both of which should take more of the sting out of the fiction rejection, but sadly it doesn’t work quite like that.

So yeah; keep writing blah, blah; don’t give up yadda yadda. Not the first time I’ve regretted this career move, and damn sure won’t be the last. This, kids, is why you shouldn’t depend on your writing income to support you; thank my wife and the Powers That Be that I don’t have to.

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