Gen Con, Geekkon, and Firefly

I have returned from GenCon in good health and none the worse for wear – for the most part. Standing on a convention hall floor for three days is murder on the feet and back, so I’m trying to take it easy this week. I signed a couple of my books, bought other people’s books, and had a good time reconnecting with friends I don’t see often enough. I also came back with some gaming writing work firmed up for the next month, as well as tantalizing hints of potential freelance work to come. More details when I can announce them!


The schedule for Geek Kon, happening this weekend (August 23-25) in Madison, Wisconsin is up, ( and I’m pleased to say I’m going to be a bit busy! I have a reading (from Sidekicks, along with one of my co-authors Patrick Tomlinson) on Friday at 4 PM, and will be taking part in “Gaming With the Guests” for charity, on Friday night from 8-10 PM (and maybe later!). This year’s charity is the Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin. Please give generously.

Saturday I’m on three panels: E-Books and Innovations In Publishing, 2PM; How to Kick Off a Kickstarter, 5PM; Slingin’ Dice: An Introduction to RPGs, 6PM.

Nothing scheduled for Sunday, but I may show up anyway – I always have a great time at GeekKon, and the con staff treat their guests well. Stop by and say hello, join me for a game – or a drink – and enjoy a low-key convention!


At GenCon, Margaret Weis Productions released the Firefly RPG in a Gen Con Preview format. I picked up a copy and this book looks fantastic. It uses Cortex Plus, which if you’ve played MWP’s Marvel Heroic RPG or Leverage, you already know the system. There are precious few copies of the preview left, and rumor has it they may show up here and there over the next few weeks so keep a sharp eye out. At the very least pick up the general release version when it comes out later this fall — I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. Kudos to my friend and Firefly Line Developer Monica Valentinelli, and all the many folks who worked on this project, for a job very well done!

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