New Work, Plus Some Odds and Ends

It’s always a good day when I get offered new writing work; in this case, I got TWO offers in less than a week – both in the gaming industry. One is a short bit of work filling in some technical details, and the other is — something else. Not sure how much I can talk about, so until I’m certain, they will be called project Project Blue Nose and Project Red River. I also have a somewhat nebulous offer hanging right now; it depends on me covering a particular event for a local magazine shortly after the New Year, so stay tuned for more details on that one.


In other news, I mentioned last week that I attended my first college (American) football game recently. Through the generosity of my wife’s employer, we were able to get free tickets to watch the Wisconsin Badgers play the Brigham Young Cougars at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin. It was chilly that day, and the chill was exaccerbated by sitting on (or close to ) a giant slab of concrete the entire time. The Wife had to call it partway through the third quarter on account of not feeling her feet any more. And seriously, why the worshipful attitude towards the song “Varsity”? The lyrics are kinda lame, but even my dad used to tear up when he heard it.

It was a spectacular show all the way around, and I’m certainly grateful for the largesse that allowed us to see the game for free. The Badgers won the game, but frankly it seemed much closer than the 27-17 final score would indicate. I was also impressed by the Wisconsin Marching Band, who put on a great show and executed some fancy formation changes during halftime.


With the holiday season rolling in, my schedule at my part-time job has picked up. Between that and the two writing gigs, I expect to have less free time in which to goof off. In light of this I’m moving the day I publish my blog posts from Tuesday to Wednesday. This change comes mainly because posting on Wednesday will be a little easier for me to manage until after December.

Am enjoying the return of colder weather; we’ve already had snow here, but it has since melted. Looking forward to the first real snowfall of the year – the one that sticks around for a couple of months! I realize I’m in the minority, here, but snow has a magical effect on the word; traffic noises are muffled, the grime of the city is covered — for a while, at least — many people start thinking about a certain holiday, and the delightful array of seasonal treats begin to appear. I can’t wait!

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