I’m a Convention Guest!

Along with a TON of talented people, I’ll be a guest at Geek-Kon this year in Madison, Wisconsin, August 22-24. Besides speaking on a number of panels, I will also be refereeing a Zombie Dice tournament as part of the “Game With The Guests” event on Friday night of the con.

The tournament is simple. Basic rules of Zombie Dice will be followed with one major exception: As this event is a fundraiser for the convention’s charity, Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin, players will be able to “buy off” one shotgun blast per turn at a cost of $1 each. All money so collected goes straight into the kitty for Second Harvest so bring plenty of $1 bills if you plan to join in the fun!

The tournament is expected to last three to four rounds (depending on the number of participants), and the winner will walk away with the respect and admiration of everyone at the convention for triumphing in such a prestigious event. Seriously, there aren’t any prizes, but it should be a great time. Many thanks are due to Steve Jackson Games for providing Zombie Dice sets and score sheets to help facilitate this event.

For more information on Geek-Kon, click HERE.

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