Tales From The Game Store, vol. 2: Phone Antics

Many years ago (back in the 1980s, in fact) I fielded a phone call.
Me: “Pegasus Games, how may I help you?”
Him: “Do you have any airplanes available?”
Me: “Yes, we do.”
Him: “How big are they?”
Me: (Measuring) “Oh, they range from an inch to three inches, nose to tail.”
Him: “Seriously, how big are they – how many passengers can they hold?”
Me: “They can’t hold any passengers – they’re scale models.”
Him: Isn’t this Pegasus Transport?”
Me: No, this is Pegasus Games.”
Him: “What happened to Pegasus Transport?”
Me: “Until just now, I’d never heard of Pegasus Transport, so I don’t know what happened to them.”

A VERY understandable mistake, clearly.


Another call from the 1980s:

Me: “Pegasus Games, how may I help you?”
Him: “Do you have night vision goggles?”
Me: “Night vision goggles?”
Him: Yeah – like, for studying monkey behavior at night.”
Me: “Um, no. We sell games, just like the name says.”

A LESS understandable mistake, surely. Also — to clarify — Pegasus Games did not then and does not now encourage Peeping Tom behavior.


The store at one time back in the 1980s had a phone that was easily knocked off it’s cradle. A few minutes after one such episode, I answered a call:

Me: “Hello, Pegasus Games”
Them: “This is the police department. Did you call us?”
Me: “Um, no.”
Them: “Are you able to talk right now?”
Me: “Um, yes?”
Them: “Be advised that we’re sending a unit over to investigate, just in case.”
Me: “Okay; thanks.”

Within three minutes, a police patrol car pulled up right in front of the door. I explained the situation with the phone, and the officer, who did not seem at all annoyed, left and called in the all-clear. It’s nice to know that the police show up even if we accidentally and unknowingly call them.

One thought on “Tales From The Game Store, vol. 2: Phone Antics

  1. I worked two full time jobs for quite a long time out of college. At one point I worked both at CompUSA and at the Waldenbooks in the mall near our house.

    One night I ran up to answer the phone at the bookstore, picked it up and cheerily said, “You’ve reached the CompUSA pricing and availability line. How may I help you?”
    … “Um, is this Waldenbooks?”
    “I’m sorry, you have reached CompUSA.”

    As they hung up, I sat next to the phone waiting. My boss looking at me weird. I just held up my hand and when the phone rang picked it up.
    “Thank you for calling Waldenbooks. How can I help you tonight?”

    The person was genuinely flustered, but I helped them out. When I was done, I looked at my boss and said, “A lesson from my days of competing in martial arts. If you screw something up in the middle of a form, you roll with it to the end. Same goes for scripts.”

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