Stuff That I Can’t Talk About — YET!

Missed my weekly blog post deadline this week; things are going on behind the scenes that I can’t really talk about just now, but the reveals for most of these projects should be happening soon – some even in the next week or so. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, with more in store!

Most recently, I’ve been working on a project to provide web content for a publisher I’ve worked with before. The first of these should go live in the next couple of weeks; after that, it might turn into a semi-regular gig — at least for a little while.

I’ve also been working on edits for a short story I submitted to a gaming-related anthology a while ago. The fact that this project might go to print this year is very exciting, but the initial feedback I had from the editor was discouraging. After an extensive phone conversation, we realized there was a glitch, and I wasn’t seeing the full slate of editing comments. Now that I have that complete commentary in hand I realize that the editor is telling me that the story is actually good with potential for more; it gives me cause to feel that my fiction writing skills are improving. Can’t wait to see this one in print!

In addition, I have a potential job in the hopper: if all goes as planned I’ll be writing an adventure for a recently successful Kickstarter project, again with someone I’ve worked with before. The project itself is the kind of thing that’s in my wheelhouse, so I’m looking forward to getting the rules to look over so I can move past the ideas stage. Working with this publisher again is kind of exciting, as I think this company’s star is ascendant right now.

I’ve also had a couple community content projects in the works for some time now, and while they aren’t truly much closer to completion, I’m pleased to note that I have the ideas sorted out for them, and expect to make much more progress on them when the next dry spell of projects comes about.

I’m lucky that, this year, my next two months are pretty free from other obligations. I don’t have any convention commitments I need to worry about until Meeplestock in June, and with luck everything I’ve mentioned should be wrapped up by then.

Being a freelancer is truly a feast or famine existence, with no work for weeks or even months, then several projects crop up all at once with overlapping schedules and similar deadlines. Because of this, there is a temptation to grab as much work as you can while the work is being offered, but down that road lies misery in the form of missed deadlines and damaged work relationships. Sometimes you just have to say “no, no more” and that looks to be my mantra for the next two months.

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