May the Fourth Be With You!

I first saw Star Wars when it came out in 1977. It was the early days of the Disco era, and I was… young. Anyway, I was given this shirt as a gift, and have worn it extensively over the years. It’s a subtle joke from one of the Robot Chicken Star Wars sketches. It you watch this clip carefully (starting at the 38-second mark) you might catch the reference: Emperor Palpatine’s Phone Call

Star Wars has been enormously influential, culturally. It’s certainly influenced my life, and while George Lucas’ later tinkering my not have been pleasing to me, I can still thoroughly enjoy the original three films today, even after multiple viewings and knowing full well what comes next. One thing time and reflection have done is given me a greater appreciation of the second film, The Empire Strikes Back. Seen at the time as merely a bridge between the first and third films, it now ranks up there as my favorite of the three.

Disney has done some exciting things with the Star Wars franchise already, especially the film Rogue One. It may be my favorite of all the Star Wars films to date, and I look forward to seeing what the Disney Studios has in store for the future of this magnificent franchise.

May the Force be with you… always.

One thought on “May the Fourth Be With You!

  1. …I still automatically think …and also with you! Enjoy your day, visit the cantina, take a ride in the landspeeder, have a light saber battle or two, and remember all those that gave their lives, battling against tyranny, both fictional and real. Today, ask yourself, “What would a Jedi do?”

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