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A book I worked on extensively last year, Pan’s Guide for New Pioneers, has finally been finished. Print copies exist (I’ve held one in my hands!) but are not in general distribution. They’re only available as digital books or print-on-demand. If you’re not able to order one from DriveThru RPG, Stop by your friendly, local game store soon and ask them to order you a POD copy. They can do it, though the profit margin isn’t very good.

Pan’s Guide is a combination quick start and adventure, meant to appeal to players who are new to the game. It includes a multi-part adventure, a nice selection of pre-generated characters, and the basic rules of the game to get people playing as quickly as possible. Part D&D adventure, part homage to Thundarr the Barbarian, and part tribute to the Walter Miller novel A Canticle for Libeowitz, Pugmire’s action takes place in the distant future. Dogs and other uplifted animals have carved out primitive civilizations for themselves at medieval Earth technology levels. Dogs strive to live by the “Code of Man,” the most important tenet of which is “Be a good dog.” Like people, different dogs may interpret their moral code slightly differently, so there’s plenty of possibility for conflict, for camaraderie, and for adventure! There are also occasional discoveries of the lost technology of Man, some of which is highly dangerous and some is just plain puzzling.

Pan’s Guide was a highly collaborative effort. While their are challenges inherent in such collaborations, the experience was overwhelmingly positive. I’m grateful to have had the chance to work with Tito Leati, Michael Cieslak, Matthew Dawkins, Alan Gowing and of course the game’s creator Eddy Webb. I’ve only had a brief look inside, but the art by Pat Loboyko, Brian Syme, Jeff Laubenstein, Claudio Posas and Alida Saxon is great stuff — truly first-rate work.

Pugmire is particularly aimed at new players of all ages, and is a great, family-appropriate tabletop RPG. I hope you get a chance to play Pugmire sometime soon! As an added incentive, a digital copy of the Pugmire core rulebook is currently 25% off at Drive-Thru RPG during their “Christmas in July” sale.

Several other books I had a hand in are also discounted during this sale, including:

Madison By Night (Vampire: the Masquerade Community Content)
AMP: Adventures (Amp: Year One Mutant/Superhero RPG)
Wild Cards: All-In (Mutants & Masterminds — superhero roleplaying game)
Achtung! Cthulhu: Guide to the Pacific Front
Firefly: Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim
Vampire: the Masquerade: Ghouls & Revenants

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  1. Huzzah! It must feel so good to see it actually in your hands! It sounds adorable enough to make my tail wag! Might be a good tie in to some of the Dark Sword miniatures out, or Reaper, too, that are anthropomorphic. I quail at what strange and baffling technology of Men they come against. Congratulations!

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