Too Much Media!

I was looking over the list of things I wanted to experience: films, books, TV series — all of it. It turns out that there’s more I want to see, read, and do than the time that exists to do it in!

I can’t keep up with all the films I want to see. We still haven’t seen Solo, only just saw The Force Returns recently, and though we’ve kept up with the Marvel franchises pretty well, we missed many of the DC Comics-based offerings, including Batman vs. Superman,though we did finally see Justice League (which I thought wasn’t as bad as many made it out to be.) We’ve been catching up by watching things via streaming service; it’s much cheaper than going to a theater, but the experience isn’t quite as robust.

I’m so far behind on reading books it isn’t funny. I haven’t even added one finished book to my Goodreads list of books read this year (except the one I wrote for), and it’s almost October; gotta get cracking on that right quick. I have a big stack of books waiting on me — many of them were written by friends and colleagues, and some of those are hoping for reviews from me. Accruing some good karma — if I ever get around to reading the books and writing those reviews, that is.

There are TONS of TV programs I’ve not even started, much less kept current on. We watched a few episodes of season 2 of Luke Cage over this weekend. Really like the show, and the cast is stellar, but somehow I never seem to make time for it. I’ve heard nothing but good things about The Expanse, but have never even dabbled in so much as one episode of it. I kind of gave up on Agents of Shield, though I’m told the previous season was a stellar return to form and the cast, while ever-changing, is always solid if not really good.

I’m way behind on comics. I have a stack of Black Bolt, Ms. Marvel and Ghoul Scouts I need to catch up on, as well as some new (to me) titles like Quicksilver, House of Montressor, and the award-winning Monstress. In the end I think I’m much happier waiting for a graphic novel-type collected format than reading a few pages of story every month: having more material to sink my teeth into just seems so much more satisfying.

Let’s not forget about games. There are huge piles of games I want to play, but having a job writing for games means that the work has to come first, and that doesn’t always leave enough time to explore the stuff I’m curious about. Not just role-playing games either: there have been literally hundreds of tantalizing board games that were published in the last year. Boardgames are a much smaller time investment overall, so those are things I’ve more likely to catch up on than RPGs.

I guess I’m not alone in feeling as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day. And with two new kittens thrashing around the house, time just became in even shorter supply. Maybe it’s time I took a vacation from social media and started getting a few more things crossed off of my to-do list…

2 thoughts on “Too Much Media!

  1. I hate that I’ll never live long enough to take in all the stories I want to take in.
    There are only so many hours in a day, and so much more media than we can possibly handle.

    I think that’s part of the reason that it’s frustrating to sell books. You’re not competing against other books: You’re competing for a very limited amount of time. Between all the books, all the movies, all the TV shows, all the YouTube videos, work, sleep, and everything else–there’s only so many minutes for a body to take in what you do, if you’re lucky.

    It’s crazy.

  2. Crazy indeed! I just try to be …picky. I wish I could do all the things, but I had to realize that not all the things would happen, so make what I DO have time for a bit more special. I hope what you do read and play and write and watch will be truly worth doing and keep you laughing at life!

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