Oatmeal is My Salvation

Those of you who follow me on Facebook may already be aware that I’m currently suffering from an itchy, all body rash. It started at the beginning of the month in a modest fashion, and seemed to be under control for a while, but has blossomed into a living nightmare. I catch an hour or two of sleep when I can but mostly I’m woken up by this insidious itching, and I’ve scratched myself raw in a few places. My normal sleep rhythms are completely messed up.

My one saving grace has been Gold Bond Eczema Relief cream with colloidal oatmeal; it soothes the itching for an hour or two. It’s the only thing I’ve found so far that helps with that.

I even had to skip a steampunk even T and I had tickets to the past weekend because I was so miserable. We were both looking forward to it, and I cancelled our room reservation very reluctantly. It made more sense to stay home, when items of comfort and medicinal value were readily at hand. Seeing all the cool photos being posted from the event is not doing much for my mood, I can tell you.

So this will be short: my sleep-deprived self is barely able to hold it together right now, at least long enough to say this has been the worst birthday weekend I’ve ever had.

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