Convention Season Wrap-Up

Wrapped up GameHoleCon last weekend. My games went well. I was a little rusty running Pugmire, but my players had fun. My Scarred Lands D&D games went very well too, and of 24 seats sold, 20 people showed up which, considering the nasty weather we had on Thursday, is a highly respectable turnout.

Then Monday afternoon I started to feel ill. I haven’t caught a case of con crud in literally years, so I was surprised, having taken precautions like washing my hands frequently and using hand sanitizer. Stress weakens the immune system, of course, and I was pretty stressed out over the weekend for a variety of reasons, not least of which was having to be “on” all weekend. For an introvert like me, having to deal with strangers for so long is tiring. It just proves that you can take all the precautions you want, but it’s still fairly easy to catch a cold at a convention.

Despite getting plenty of sleep and eating right over the long weekend, the bug still found me. By Thursday I was feeling better; by Friday, I felt much worse, and the congestion went into overdrive, causing coughing fits that made my lungs burn. By now, I feel okay. Still coughing a bit and congested, but nothing like I was on Friday and Saturday. That’s good, because with TeslaCon coming up in only a few days, I barely have time to get my act together. I hope to be better about taking photos this year at TeslaCon: it’s the tenth anniversary of the convention, and I’m thinking it’s going to be an event of special magnificence.


I attended 4 conventions this year: Midwinter in January, Geneva Steam in March, GameHoleCon and now TeslaCon, both in November. My convention list has been a bit thinner this year than in the recent past; attending cons is expensive, so I have to be careful to not overspend our travel budget. This year we also took a fabulous trip in May, first stopping in Venice for a few days then embarking on a cruise down the Adriatic to Montenegro and Greece, so that ate up most of the convention budget for this year anyway.

Not sure what my convention season will look like for next year. Still trying to get a handle on which cons I should attend to help promote myself, and which I go to just for fun. Geneva Steam and TeslaCon, both Steampunk events, are on the ‘strictly for fun’ list, and there’s a chance we may venture to the wilds of suburban Detroit next summer if all goes well. One thing is for sure: we’ll be visiting Seattle and Victoria, B.C. in late summer, and I hope to connect with my Seattle-area friends and colleagues then.

I doubt GenCon will be in my future for some time to come. It’s just too costly and without significant, measurable benefits in return. I have colleagues in Florida that have been graciously offering me some guidance and possibly crash space for a night, so I’ll be looking over the Florida convention schedule (and the Miami Marlins baseball schedule!) for next year. It’s tough to say where travels will take me in 2020, but I hope I’ll have the chance to connect with friends wherever I go.

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