My Convention Schedule: 2016

I’ll be attending quite a few events again this year, and most of those are semi-local to me. I’m delighted to appear at other conventions to be a guest speaker on panels about games and writing, to run games for which I’ve written or for which I have a particular affinity, and so forth. For details on how to make that happen, please contact me via comment (include your email address in the text of the comment) and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I will update this calendar as further information becomes available.

April 1, 2016 — UPDATED
Had to drop two June events – Origins Game Fair and Fourth Street Fantasy – from my list, as the logistics were just not working out this year. In other news, I have firmed up my commitment to attend Motor City Steam Con in Detroit in July!

Midwinter Jan. 14-17
I will be helping out with the Onyx Path booth for part of the day on Saturday, and schmoozing with colleagues the rest of the time. Most likely only there for the day, but that may change.
Midwinter Gaming Convention

JoCo Cruise Feb. 20-28
Fun on the High Seas with lots of other Geeks on a cruise ship. Looking forward to snorkeling in the Caribbean!

Geneva Steam March 11-13
Guests: Unknown
I will likely only attend on Saturday. Panel schedule (if any) to follow.
Geneva Steam

Odyssey Con April 8-10
Guests: Margaret Weis, Brandon Sanderson, Marjorie Liu.
Will be attending all three days. Panel schedule (if any) to follow.
Odyssey Con

Cog County Fair June 3-5
Relaxing in a Steampunk atmosphere at a resort in central Wisconsin.
Cog County Fair’s Facebook Page

Motor City Steam Con July 22-24
This one is a first-time Steampunk convention in the metro Detroit area. I will not be on any panels for this one, but will be attending, and will have my Steampunk flag out and flying!
Motor City Steam Con

Gen Con Aug. 4-7
Guests: Numerous
I will be attending again this year, helping manage the booth for Onyx Path this time. In other words, my days at the con are mostly spoken for though my evenings will be my own. Panel participation seems unlikely, though I may still apply to be part of the Industry Insider program.
Gen Con

Geek-Kon Aug. 26-28
Guests: Not announced yet.
Looking forward to another GeekKon! Not sure yet if I will be a guest, but I hope to be on panels, and to perhaps run a game or two during the “Gaming With The Guests” event on Friday night.

Grand Masquerade, September 1-5
I’ll mostly be in the Onyx Path booth at this event during the day, selling books and talking about my writing work for Vampire: The Masquerade. The Grand Masquerade is a LARP, or Live Action Role Playing convention, where people take on the role of their characters and act out scenes with the help of other characters and, of course, the moderators. Being the 25th anniversary, this should be an extra special version of the GM, so I’m really looking forward to it. Also, it’ll be fun taking a long road trip with my buddy Matt McElroy; we don’t get to spend time together very often these days, so that part of the trip will be a treat too.

TeslaCon Nov. 18-20
Guests: Unknown
My favorite event on the Steampunk calendar, and (in my humble opinion) the finest Steampunk event of the year. I will be attending all four days — the event has so much goodness packed in that it’s expanding to include most of Thursday. Panel participation is unlikely, but still possible.

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